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"Joe's 26-Inch Idaho Buck"
Photo provided by: Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith sent this photo of the buck that his buddy, Joe, harvested while on their hunt in Idaho.
Jamie writes, "Two days after shooting my buck, I was up on our lookout spotting for Rick and Joe when at about 6:30 am I spotted the 26 incher already bedded at daylight. Joe and Rick hurried to get into range and he got up and moved under a quaky for the day. At about 11:30 he got up and stretched, then laid down again. At 1:30 he did the same thing. Finally at 5:30 pm he got up for good and took about an hour to feed into the open so Rick or Joe could get a shot. Finally through the spotter I could see he was in an open pocket between the pines and quakies, so I got on the radio yelling for somebody to shoot. Right about the time I looked in the spotter again I saw the same thing Joe had described to me two days earlier, legs and belly as Joe shot at 450 yards connecting on the buck killing it with one shot."

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