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"Dion's Non-typical Wyoming Bow Buck"
Photo provided by: Dion

Dion harvest this 7x8 this past September in Wyoming.
Dion writes, "After scouting this "bad boy" for a couple of weeks coming out of the corn and into the alfalfa at sundown, I decided to play the wind an hope that it would come out close to where I was sitting. Lucky enough, it came out and gave me a broadside shot at about 30 yards, unfortunately I missed just under the vital area. He trotted diagonal from me and gave me a second chance, stopped, looked at me head on at about 40 - 45 yards and I slid my Easton xx75 arrow right into his brisket!"

As you can see, it's a dandy non-typical. On the left antler there is a cheater that is about 7" in length. The right antler also has a cheater that is about 5" in length with an outside spread of 26 1/2".

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