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"Robert's Trophy Texas Muley"
Photo provided by: Robert Dominguez

This great buck was taken by Robert Dominguez in Texas in December of 2003.
Robert writes, "We had just made a 2 1/2 hour stalk on a muley that my friend ended up killing with a 30 yard running shot. We had lost his deer and was very surprised when we jumped him up from a ravine. When we gutted his deer, we decided to see if we could find another buck we had seen on the same mountain in the general area. Well, about a 100 yards from my friend's kill we jumped another nice buck. This was my first hunt with my new gun and it was sighted in at 3 inches high at 100 yds, figuring a long shot in this country.
Well, as you guessed the deer was running straight away from me at 100 yds and I shot right over his head. I was disappointed...but it was a blessing in disguise.
We decided to check the other side of the mountain. At approximately 1:00 pm, we spotted a nice buck with a drop tine jump up about 150 yds from us and disappear in a ravine. Boy did this get my heart thumping...after about 10 minutes we decided to see if we could stalk this deer.
There where several ravines criss crossing and we figured he was long gone. We picked up his trail at about 15 minutes into the stalk and followed his tracks up and down a few ravines. We figured we would never see him again. The last ravine we came to before coming to a mountain, we saw movement. I had my rifle in a low ready postion, not knowing what we had. In an instant, the buck jumped up the side of the ravine and I saw it was him. I raised my rifle knowing I had one shot and also that I had missed the previous buck, and pulled the trigger. The buck went down. Talk about out of breath. I was half expecting him to get up and run. But Luck was on my side and I new that I was meant to take this Buck. What a Hunt!"

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