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"Two Elk Sets Over 400 Inches!"
Photo provided by: Randy LaRose

Randy LaRose writes, "My 9 year old boy, McKayd, and I found these monster elk sheds this year. Each matching side was only 10 feet from each other and both sets were only 20 yards from each other. We found 3 more new elk sets and 2 old ones in the same area by the end of the day, plus about 10 deer antlers. The 9x7 scores 400 and the 7x6 scores 410. The 9x7 has 82 inches of mass and the 7x6 has 79 inches of mass. The 9 point side weighs 17.6 pounds! These are once-in-a-life-time finds and quite a memorable time with my son. We called my wife and told her to bring the rest of the kids out to help bring home the load! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!"

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