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"Whopper Colorado Bucks for Lauren & Angelo"
Photo provided by: Angelo

Angelo writes, "On June 11, 2008 I anxiously typed my info. into the Colorado DOW website hoping that I had finally drawn a tag for the early rifle season. Well, it was my/our lucky year, because my brother (Lauren) and I both drew the same tag. We immediately began planning scouting trips to some areas that we thought would be holding some good bucks. We did not see any deer on the first four trips, and were beginning to get a little discouraged and running short on time. Finally, on the last scouting trip 10 days before the season opened, we found some nice bucks (although we did not see the big non-typical on this trip).

The season could not come soon enough. Opening morning we headed for a great looking basin about 2 miles from our camp. What a morning it turned out to be as we ended getting in the middle of a herd of elk that had no idea we were there. We watched them feed all around us (some as close as 10 yards!!!!!!!!!!), then decided to get back to chasing deer.

As we headed for the basin, we caught a glimpse of some bucks feeding down the hillside toward us. The ones we could see didn't look that impressive, then we saw the big boy. The wind and cover were perfect, as they had no idea we were there. We had already decided my brother would get the first shot.

The buck stopped broadside in the open at 180 yards and my brother took him with one shot. We knew he was a big buck, but when we actually got to him we couldn't believe our eyes.

I filled my tag 3 days later in the same basin, my buck was the smaller of the two, but still a trophy for me. This was the best hunting trip I have ever been on in my life. I hope we get to do it again!"

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