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"Justin's First Buck....A Whopper!"
Photo provided by: Wayne Dean

Wayne Dean writes, "My 13 year old son, Justin, took this deer this year on his first deer hunt, using a muzzleloader (borrowed). The third day of the hunt his legs were tired and burning when we spotted 6 bucks nearly a mile away, heading around this horse shoe bowl. I made him hike to the top of the ridge so I could glass them and see where they were heading, or if they were going to bed down.

After 40 minutes of watching them circle around the rim of this canyon, to my disbelief they were still walking right to us....all 6 of them and 4 others that were not to shabby either!

They then dropped down into a wash and I didn't see them for what seemed like forever, but was really about 15 minutes.

After I was just about to go after them, 3 of the bucks, including the one that he took, popped out and began to head around the rim of the canyon in our direction again. They made it to 190 yards and stopped behind a large scrub patch and one of the other bucks started straight up the ridge, and I thought they were going to go over and be gone.
So, I was trying to talk myself into having him take a 190 yard shot, but to my surprise, for whatever reason, the buck that went straight up, came straight back down and they started walking to us, and the buck he bagged was in the lead!

As they walked towards us, I was range finding them the entire way. I told him to put the gun up and take aim and be ready. He was calm and I couldn't believe it as I was so nervous for him. Well, the buck stopped and gave him a shot and I told him to shoot it when you feel your ready, and BOOM!!! A perfect hit at 114 yards and that's how he bagged a 30-inch 4x4 that grossed 194."

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