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"Tall-n-Wide Whopper for Me"
Photo provided by: Brian Latturner

I got lucky again and took this buck. He is awesome!
We arrived on Thursday to begin looking. Found real quick that there were not a lot of deer. Throughout the 3-1/2 days of looking and then hunting, I think I saw maybe 15 bucks, and maybe 25 does. Tough hunting! The deer were also only moving during the first hour of light and the last half hour.

I first laid eyes on this bad boy on Sunday morning. When I first saw him, I knew he was big. Then, I saw him again Sunday night, and after looking him over a little more, I knew was really big.

On Monday morning I took dad with me to try and videotape if the buck was still around. (Prior, he had been watching other areas for me) Anyway, 30 minutes after light the two bucks stood up from being bedded in the sage and began feeding. The bigger buck was at 425 yards or so. I decided to trim the distance by moving a little closer as dad tried to videotape the buck.

I moved to where I ranged the buck at 360. Took my time and got him. I was so excited to get him. What a rush!!! I was hooting and haulering. We felt so lucky that the buck was still in the area. There were hunters everywhere!!!!!

Dad had the camera running, but he was filming through the limbs on an aspen tree and the camera automatically focused on the tree limb instead of the buck. He didn't know how to turn off no good kill shot to share....sorry! But, here's the video clip with the crack of the rifle and some celebration.

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