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"Aaron's 3rd Season Colorado Buck"
Photo provided by: Aaron Skeen

Aaron Skeen writes, "I started out my deer season on Nov. 1st at 6:45 a.m. I had been watching two nice bucks for the last three weeks and now I had to score on one of them. As I started into the field, I heard a deer huff and saw some does take off. I figured that was the end of it for me. I waited for the sun to come up a bit more before looking for the deer that had ran off. As I started over the hill, I saw four does...they didnt see me. I sat there and waited for a long while in hopes that one of the bucks was with them. Sure enough, he was with them, but he had winded me and took off running onto some private property where I could not hunt. I thought to myself "Well, that's it!" I decided to wait around for a while and see what else would come over onto the property. Finally, one of the other bucks I had been keeping my eye on came out of the woods. With one shot from my .300 Win Mag., I dropped him. He was a dandy Colorado muley with five countable points on each side (six in my book). He had a 22-inch spread and dressed out at 162 lbs. It was a great season, even though it only lasted for a few hours."

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