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"Bo's Montana Bull"
Photo provided by: Bo McGurran

Bo McGurran took another great bull this year! This Montana bull here gross scores around 325, slightly bigger than last years bull (Can be seen in 2007 Big Bull Contest Gallery).

Bo writes, "Me and a buddy of mine (Trevor Niles) decided to hunt an area close to my cabin in Region 4. I met him in camp friday night, so we got to bed and were up long before the sun. We climbed up a long ridge leading to the Continental Divide and made it to the top just as the sunlight was hitting the peaks. We began glassing and moving down the divide hoping to find a big bull. Before too long, I picked two bulls feeding out to their beds on a ridge that splits off of the divide. We couldn't get a shot, but we could tell one bull was really nice, so we let them be in hopes that they would return to feed in the evening.

We moved a few hundred yards farther down the divide to sit for the day. A few other hunters came by on horses and one man on foot had actually sat down between where we were and where the bulls were, but none of them knew about the bulls and left early. Turns out we found about 13 other bulls throughout the day, picking them out while they were bedded, but nothing was worth going after.

About 3:30 in the afternoon, I spotted a bear feeding up the hillside that the elk were on, so we moved back to the point that is behind me in one picture, and sat to watch the bear because Trevor has a tag. The bear stayed out of range, so we just watched him for hours on end hoping the bulls would return.

Just as we were getting ready to call it a night, I looked down on the ridge and there stood the four point that was with the big 6x6. I told trevor not to move, so once he figured out what exactly was going on, I gave him my range finder and told him to start ranging certain spots.

Well, as I was getting a rock solid rest, Trevor picked out the big bull coming through the trees at 434 yards. The bull managed to get into another patch of trees, but came into clearing at 416 yards broadside! I put my 400-yard crossair on him and shot once. He took off about ten yards, but definitely was hit hard. I put a second shot into him and dropped him with my 300 Winchester Magnum.

We got down to him a little after dark once we weaved our way down through the cliffs. We snapped a few pictures, got him cleaned up and cooling down and made our way back up and over the divide back to camp. It was a three-hour journey! At 11:00, we reached camp and packed up to go to our cabin to get help for packing him out which was completed the following day at 3:30 p.m.

Basically we sat for 8 hours waiting for the elk to return and boy am i glad we did!"

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