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"Big Buck for Jarred & Neil"
Photo provided by: Jarred Erickson

Jarred Erickson writes, "Here is a buck that me (Jarred) and my buddy (Neil) got while hunting on the Colville Indian Reservation on October 30, 2008. We got this buck after driving to the top of some high cliffs overlooking the San Poil River. We were walking about a 1/4 of a mile from my truck on some bald knobs overlooking the San Poil River when my friend was walking to my right and as he was looking over in that general direction I was glassing to the left and thought I saw something that looked like buck horns.
After looking at it for a few seconds, I knew it was a buck and told my friend to come back. He was bedded on a bald knob right next to a small dead pine and he never left that spot. After we looked him over through our scopes for about 30 seconds, we knew he was a decent buck and a shooter. So we both got a steady rest and it was decided that I was going to shoot first. I had a dead snag that I decided to shoot off of and loaded my .223 (my buddy had my .280, also the .223 is a legal caliber to use here) and aimed for his neck and he didn't move and stayed bedded. The scenery where we were at was all bald knobs and thick timber in the draws between the bald knobs. We were really excited that we got our first buck of the year and took some good photos to document it. Hope you and all the members enjoy!"

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