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"JD's 211 Gross Nevada Monster Muley"
Photo provided by: Dean Cartlidge

Aren't big bucks with extras really cool?

Dean Cartlidge sent us this photo of the whopper Nevada buck that his 14 year old son, JD, took this year. The monster muley is 30-1/2 inches wide, has 7 points on one side and 8 on the other. It gross scores around 211!

Dean writes, "I was with my son previous to him harvesting this monster, but had left to climb the mountain back up to our 4-wheeler and bring it down to a pre-arranged meeting spot. Before separating, I instructed him to work a couple small draws and ridges where I had jumped a 4-pointer close by earlier. Not hearing a gun shot as I was huffin and puffin up the mountain, I paced myself giving my son ample time to work the area. Upon reaching the horse-on-wheels, I guzzled a bottle of water and decided to record some video of the area. All this time, well, from about 20 minutes after we separated, my son is watching me through his magnified glasses sure wishing I'd beat my butt down to him as he was not confident enough in starting the "messy duty" that awaited. Oh yeah, he was busting with excitement too, so much so that he was able to get his mom on the cell phone, talk with her and send her a picture of the buck. "WOW!", was her reply. So I moseyed on down to him about 50 minutes later watching him running up towards me when he heard the roar of the horse-on-wheels! "So what, you saw that 4-pointer and now we're going to get him?". "No Dad!", he shrieked. "I got one!". "Oh, you got that 4-pointer huh?", I ignorantly inquired. "No!, it's, it's like, a 7-pointer Dad!". "Yeah, right", I sarcastically replied. "OK, maybe a it's got, it's got, it's got, uh, like, at least 7 Dad!" he impatiently roared. "Ok, ok son, we'll go have a look...did you start gutting him yet?" I asked. "No, I wasn't sure being my first time and all", he replied.

Well, the rest is history. I was in such amazement and awe of this glorious buck my son hnd single-handedly found, carefully aimed at and dropped with one shot that I must have hugged and kissed him until he became ill! This father couldn't be prouder to see that his own son had shot such a magnificent animal, on his own, while remembering and utilizing the things that I had taught him. What a fantastic first for my 14 year son!"

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