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"Bud's Big Ole' Buck"
Photo provided by: Brian Latturner

Luck shined on us again!!!! This time my dad (Bud) was packing the rifle. It was a tough hunt, not many deer, only one taker buck seen, and like everywhere I go, LOTS OF HUNTERS!
Anyway, we hunted hard and on Thursday evening I found this bad boy. On Friday morning, dad let lead fly....ended up being lots of lead! After 3 shots, the buck disappeared into the timber. We found small amounts of blood within 40 yards of where he was shot, but then the blood was no more. We tracked the buck for about 3/4 a mile and dad decided that no way the buck was hurt bad enough for us to catch him. I didn't agree and decided to stay on the tracks for a while and see what it turned up. Dad and I split up and I followed the tracks straight down off the mountain. After another 1/2 mile of so, I found blood and called dad on the radio and told him to sit tight.

I continued down the mountain where I continued finding more blood, so back up the mountain I went to get dad. Then, back down we went following the buck. After another mile or so track, we caught up to the buck and finished him off.

It was quite the days adventure!!!!!!! Watch the video clip folks. Here it is:

My son, Devan, and step brother, Troy, were also along on the hunt. After 8 days of hard searching, we were VERY thrilled to have gotten this big ole' buck for dad (Grandpa). It is his 2nd biggest buck ever.

The photos don't do the buck justice.....IT'S A STUD!!!! Heavy, and long, dark....awesome buck!!!

The big buck the night before dad shot him.

Devan and Troy enjoy the backcountry heater.

Backcountry Sunrise.

Here's a couple bucks that weren't big enough, but cool.

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