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"Chuck's 28-Inch Washington Buck"
Photo provided by: Chuck Wass

Chuck Wass writes, "I shot this great buck in eastern Washington on November 10th, 2008. It is a 28-1/4 inch wide 5x6 with eyegaurds. I was on a hunt that my Dad and I had been applying for nine years, and finally got selected. It was the same area my Dad taught me to hunt when I was only ten, and to go back 24 years later and get my biggest buck to date, was and experience my Dad and I will remember forever, especially since he spotted the buck and I let him shoot four times and he missed all four times before I took two shots and dropped the buck on my second shot. The buck was running down the canyon at 315 yards and the wind was blowing up the canyon at about 30 MPH. My second shot that dropped the buck, I aimed two feet in front of his nose and squeezed the trigger. When I quartered him out my 165 grain Seirra Game King went through his front shoulders and both lungs."

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