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"Late Season Washington Archery Buck"
Photo provided by: Travis Maitland

Travis Maitland writes, "I was fortunate enough this year to get in on a few good stalks on some nice mule deer bucks in my area. After a great long distance spot made by my brother-in-law, Kevin, this one turned out in my favor with the wind and terrain making for a perfect setup to sneak up on this old buck as he was bedded. I was actually able to get within 20 yards of him before I let the arrow loose from my Martin Firecat. He's not really wide (21 5/8), but has got a lot of character, good mass and I'm very pleased to have taken him....especially with a bow. He's a 4x5 counting the cheater on his left side and has got numerous little 1 " stickers around the bases. The pack out was a long steep one!!! But, I had two great pack mules in my brother-in-laws, George and Kevin, to help me out."

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