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"Utah Buck Hunting Success"
Photo provided by: Anthony Schryver

Anthony Schryver sent us these photos of the fine success that his brother had while hunting Utah in 2008, and his uncle, Jeff (bottom photo), in 2007.

Anthony writes, "Mitch (top photo) took his buck on a limited entry unit in Utah. We saw dozens of big bucks that would have been dream bucks on any other hunt, however we knew there were real "monster muleys" out there to be found. After spot and stalking a couple different groups of large bucks unsuccessfully, we decided to return to camp for lunch and a fresh camcorder battery, when we spotted this one with two others. After glassing each, Mitch had no doubt this was the one he had been waiting for. As the shot rangout, we just hung our heads as the monster muley began to run off, however Mitch returned with a huge grin he had a better angle and watched him fall beyond some trees. As we all walked up to the buck everyone was beyond words seeing all the extra kickers. This is the largest buck that any of our party has taken.

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