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"Another Buck for Brian"
Photo provided by: Brian Johnson

Here's another fine buck that Brian Johnson has taken in 2008.

Brian writes, "I came back home from school for the last 3 days of the hunting season in hopes of finding another buck. I saw a nice buck the first day after tracking him and a doe in the snow, but I was unable to get a shot.
The second day I stayed around the same area cause it looked like a couple of good bucks were rubbing their antlers all over the place along with tons of tracks in the fresh snow, but all I saw was a 2-point.
On the last day, I got to the area right at daylight an was able to see a doe along the edge of the open. As she jumped away in the thick bush, I thought I heard another deer snort where she was heading, so I just sat there and waited to see if anything came out. I then heard a noise on my other side, looked up and to my amazement it was another hunter. I thought, "oh no, now I'm not going to see anything". He didn't see me, so I whistled and went over to talk to him.
I found out that his property bordered the area that I was hunting and he knew there were lots of deer in the area as well. As we were talking for about 5 minutes just inside the treeline, I looked up and about 60 yards through the bush I saw a buck walking right towads us. I got my scope on him and as he turned his head, I saw the 4 points on one side and new he was a nice buck. But, I was unable to get a shot casue he turned and trotted back into the trees. Since I had seen the buck first, the other hunter asured me that it was my buck since I had seen him first, so I was to decide what to do to try to get him.
I walked in after him as slow and quiet as I could, thinking that the buck might have got spooked and took off into the thick trees where I wouldn't be able to find him again. But sure enough, it being the rut, he didn't go too far. I caught a quick glimpse of him with his nose to the ground following track and just befor he went out of sight, I got two quick shots off and that was it."

Also pictured with Brain's buck in the bottom two photos is the buck that Brian's cousin took.

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