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"Kevin's Highcountry Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Kevin Wilkey

Kevin Wilkey, aka kdub, took this fine buck in late August.

Kevin writes, "Friend and co-worker, Dan'l, and I had a couple of hours to burn, so we headed for the peaks for a quick hunt. After an intense hike (1600 vertical feet in 45 minutes) to the top we were able to spot this guy out feeding. After watching him and a couple of other smaller bucks at 200 yards for nearly an hour, I saw a window of opportunity. The wind was blowing really hard, which made my stalk a snap, but it would make shooting really tough.
After getting positioned, I drew back on him once, only to let down due to the wind. The wind clamed down enough for a shot and my nerves almost betrayed me. I visualized what I wanted to happen, drew back on him again and then everything came together for a quick ethical shot. The buck only went a few yards before he expired. In comparison to the countless other hunts Iíve foiled, everything just seemed to work perfect. What a hunt! I'm really not sure how big he is; I havenít had time to check. All I know is that he's a 7x6. We didnít get home until 1:30 A.M.
I was using a Hoyt Katera loaded with Fuse accessories, Easton FMJ arrows and Fuse Kumasi broadheads. 470-grain arrow doing 293fps with a 1.5 cutting diameter. Totally wrecked his shop. Best hunting set-up ever!"

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