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"Arizona Hunting Success for Chris & Travis"
Photo provided by: Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett sent us these photos of the bucks that he and his buddy, Travis, took this past year in Arizona.

Chris writes, "My best buddy, Travis (top 2 photos), and I saw this brute a few weeks prior to our late Arizona hunt and were hoping and praying that quail hunters wouldn’t push him out of the area. We hunted hard for him opening day and passed up some smaller bucks, but couldn’t find him.

Hunting being hunting, we jumped him not 20 yards away from my jeep as we lazily and loudly walked back. Unfortunately, it was just way to dark and we didn’t want to risk a poor shot at 200 yards.

The following afternoon we hunted the exact route we took the night before and T-Rav (Travis) got right on top of him and was able get him at 65 yards with 4 shots from his 30-06, yup, 4 shots. Travis has been hunting for about 5 years and has taken just a spike Coues deer before this, but he’s caught the huntin’ bug and does it all the right way plus he’s a great addition to our camp, so we’ll just chalk all those shots up to "buck fever"!

His old 4x4 monarch has a 30-inch spread with a little ol’ hook kicker and a bunch of really neat junk around the brow tines.

This was also a very memorable and emotional hunt for camp as it fell on the 1 year anniversary of the death of my son, Hunter Thomas Bennett. I decided to go ahead and take him huntin’ just one time with his pops, so I secured his little urn around my neck and put him in camo. I will never forget being with him doing something I love so much. Thanks little buddy!"

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