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"Droptine Trophy Buck for Andy"
Photo provided by: Andy Mikesell

Andy Mikesell writes, "Here are a couple pics of my Halloween buck. I had drawn a limited quota tag and had really hoped to kill a buck that would score a little higher, but it was the last day and he has that cool ten inch dropper...there was no question that I should take him. I believe that I had seen this buck four years ago to the day in the exact same spot. A friend of mine had this tag and we came across this huge three point that was about 30 wide, but he slipped away from us. The old boy almost escaped me, but I imagine that he had done the same thing so many times before that he was sure he was safe, but he made a fatal mistake and right at the edge of the face of the earth, he stopped to enjoy the view to the north and that gave me the chance I needed. This buck was super old and was probably regressing. His teeth were worn down flat, but he had a lot of fat and seemed to be in excellent health."

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