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"Big Bucks for Scott & Mike"
Photo provided by: Scott Smith

Scott Smith writes, "My brother (Mike - bottom photo) and I skipped out on work early Friday to head back mule deer hunting before the muzzleloader season was over. We spied a couple nice ones and a really good one that was way out of range and we were running out of day light, so decided to try one more spot with an hour left of light.

We were not even there a couple of minutes and this guy crest the top of a coulee with a buddy. So, with a short walk and a belly crawl, my brother ranges him at 150 yards. Feeling confident with my Traditions Pursuit LT, I let the smoke out and whack!

The buck ran out of sight, so we gave him a couple minutes and started looking through the coulee, in the buck brush, all deer???? Then it got dark. So, starting right back from where the shot was taken, we headed straight to where the deer was on top of the coulee looking for blood and there he was (top 2 photos), didnít make it 20 yards. I guess I should have started there in the first place!

We green scored him at 186-7/8 gross 184-3/8 net."

Scott's brother, Mike, also took a great buck (bottom photo) this year.

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