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"4-Point Utah Buck for Dillon"
Photo provided by: Dillon Hoyt

Dillon Hoyt writes, "After being out of the country for two years and missing one deer season, I was able to make it back in time for the general muzzleloader hunt in Utah. I didn't have any time to scout, but I had everything else in my favor. I was unemployed, single, had a couple of hundred extra dollars in my wallet, my brothers four-wheeler, my dads truck, a bunch of food and a new TC Omega with a thumb hole in the stock. I was set!

So, I went out on the opening day (Wednesday) and hunted through Friday morning. I saw a total of 188 deer in those two and a half days. Then I went to a local high school baseball game on Friday afternoon and missed out on hunting that night. Saturday morning I knew where I needed to be. I left early and went to gas up at the only gas station that was on my way. I tried to use my credit card, but it was rejected. I had $35 in gas on my tab and only $20 in my wallet. So, I had to go back another day and pay the rest off. That is the nice thing about knowing people.

I got up on the mountain late, so I decided to not miss the opportunity to hunt just above some private property on the forest. I went to get my four-wheeler out of the back and realized that the battery was dead. I had left the hand warmers on. So I crank started it and took off. Around the first turn I found a few thousand sheep that I didn't know were there. I went through the flock and kept going. As I went around one more turn, I saw 12 deer in a flat right off the highway where it was hard to see them. I got in close as they walked into the trees. One by one they filed by me until this, the largest buck of the three present, was 40 yards away and I smoked him. It was awesome!
My camera that I used for two years in Peru died when I was taking the pictures after the kill, so I had to go home and take the rest with moms camera. That was this season. Not the best, but better than most people that I know did."

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