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"Leon's Stick-n-String Muley"
Photo provided by: Leon Guymon

Leon Guymon writes, "Thursday night my brother got to within 18 yards of this buck. He came out of the canyon we were in all thrilled that he had smacked a huge buck! So, that evening we proceeded to look for his arrow and a blood trail. We ended up with no light and looking in the dark with flash lights. We found nothing so I told him letís return in the morning and see if we can find him. After a restless night for my brother and me sleeping like a baby. (apparently I snored all night) we returned to the canyon that my brother said that he had hit this huge buck. Well as my brother, father and I headed down into this spot I came around a small bunch of brush and this buck is looking right at me. I stepped back so I could not be seen and knocked an arrow, quickly drew my bow, and then took one step forward. All I could see was an inch or so below his nose, his head and huge rack! So, I held just under his nose and hoped for the best. As I released my arrow it felt and looked good. The buck took off running getting lower and lower to the ground as he went. Thatís when I could see my arrow stuck in him. I turned around and my brother says to me, "Well, I guess I missed!" Then gave me a high five and a great shot compliment. What was neat about it for me was that my Dad and Brother got to witness first hand the shot and thrill of it all as they were right behind me 10 yards on the trail we were heading down."

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