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"Big Ole' Nevada Bull for Keegan"
Photo provided by: Keegan Baty

Keegan Baty, aka ELKOHUNTER here at, waited six years to draw a premium archery tag in his home state of Nevada.

Keegan writes, "We had seen this bull for three days, but went looking for more bulls. So, not seeing anything bigger I went after him on the fourth day. We set up on the game trail he and his cows had been coming from water on. Well, they didn't come on the trail which is a good thing, because the wind would have been wrong. Instead, they came out above us.
Well, after the lead cow walked by my brothers head at less then 20', we were a little shaky. Then the bull comes in at 30 yards and screams at us. Now we looked like the grass shaking in the wind! The bull walked by us at 5 yards. When he got behind me, I turned my head to look at him and started to draw my bow. He picked up the movement so I froze. They still didn't know we were there. He turned back and started walking again, so I eased my bow back and waited for him to clear the trees. When he did, I blew the worst cow call I have ever blown and he stopped. He was quartering away real hard and I knew I had one chance to shoot and this was it. I put my 20 pin right behind his shoulder and let her fly. My 65 pound Diamond Liberty with 350 Maxima Hunters with a 100 grain Muzzy did the trick!"

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