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"Opening Harvest for Wade"
Photo provided by: Wade Kisch

Wade Kisch, aka CurDog, writes, "Here are a couple of photos of the rack from my 5 point bull I shot this year here in Colorado. It was 8:00am on opening day of the archery season and this guy was pushing about 25 cows and spikes across the old road I was walking down. They crossed the road about 50-60 yards ahead of me and all I had time to do was drop to my knee and knock an arrow. I thought it was all over when the bull decided not to follow the cows, but instead walked right at me down the road. He finally turned to follow the cows when he was about 30 yards out and gave me a nice 27-28 yard shot as he headed into the trees. How they didnít bust me, just kneeling in the middle of the road, Iíll never know.

We knew it was going to be a hot sunny day and the flies and yellow jackets were on him within minutes. Before for I knew it, we had him gutted and I headed up the hill with a front quarter, the tenderloins, and the liver. When I got back to the truck over 2 hours later and started thinning out my pack and dropping off my bow to head down with the frame packs, I realized I had the camera with me the whole time and didnít take a single field photo. My buddy Mike had already quartered out the rest of the bull before I returned with the frame packs, so all I have are two horrible photos of the head/rack using my cell phone. I have to send a huge thanks to my buddy Mike for helping me quarter and pack this sucker up from the bottom of the hill. It took 3 separate trips up the hill, at over 2 hours a trip, to get it all back to the truck."

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