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"Teddy Jr's First Buck"
Photo provided by: Matt Murray

Matt Murray writes, "Just a few years ago I was sending a very similar message – “Ted’s first buck” – Well I guess I’m at it again! Only this time is Teddy Jr’s first buck! After finally deciding to give big game hunting a try last year and not having any success, Teddy Leigh Jr. applied again for the 2008 muzzleloader tag in Nevada and was successful. The beginning of the season was rather fruitless for the greenhorn. I had already taken my buck in area 10 (Tall Boy) and told Teddy I would love to join in on his hunt and see what we could find. After spending most of the morning glassing from atop a high rock outcropping, I finally spotted a nice wide 3x3 that Teddy decided to pass on. Moments after having a “pep” talk, I spotted three more bucks moving through the flats in search of a shady place out of the wind. Teddy and I watched the bucks for nearly two hours waiting for them to bed. Once the bucks had bedded down we began our approach, I backed out to watch the shake down in the sarvice berry patch. After sneaking into the brush where we watched the bucks bed and nothing shook out, I could tell Teddy began to loose hope of finding the deer. I assured him that they had just changed locations and to give me a few minutes and I would locate them again. As I stood and glassed I noticed a deep ravine in the bottom and descended so I could see into it, guess who was bedded there – the white faced 3x4. After getting Teddy’s attention and planning a new approach, I watched as he closed the distance to 30 yards. I was 150 yards from the bedded buck and when his attention would steer towards Teddy I would wave my beanie just over the sage bush I was sitting behind and the buck would immediately focus on me. Once teddy was in place I stood and the buck couldn’t stand it so as he began to rise, I saw the smoke bellow from the muzzleloader, followed by the report as the bullet exited the rifle. The buck fell to the ground and so I gave out my signature “WooHoo” and the work began!"

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