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"Nevada Smokepole Trophy for Matt"
Photo provided by: Matt Murray

Matt Murray writes, "2008 was the second year in a row I was lucky enough to draw a muzzleloader tag in the Rubies. I have spent most of my time over the past several years learning the country north of Elko in “Area 6” and have had great success on big bucks in the sage covered hills. The Ruby Mountains are big rugged and steep and access to the wilderness is limited to say the least, but talking to several ranchers in the area has paid off in getting access to unique parts of the range. After spending several days during the summer watching different bucks, I found the one I wanted to stick with. My hunting buddy and I spotted the “Tall Boy” again on Tuesday evening and watched him until dark. The next morning found us hiking to the “nose bleed” reaches on the mountain. After stalking in to 82 yards and dropping the hammer on my T/C Omega “Tall Boy” was now mine – although he is not one of the monster bucks that dwell in the Ruby Mountains he is a fine trophy in my book. The velvet covered buck is only 24 inches wide but is 26 1/2" tall."

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