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"Colorado Bull for Donnie"
Photo provided by: Donnie Drake

Donnie Drake, aka bobcats in the forums, writes, "After missing a nice 6-point opening weekend at 20 yards due to a small limb, I finally connected on one the second weekend with the help of Buglelk.

After having two other nice six points in shooting range that didn't present a clean shot, we located a herd a couple ridges over and put the stalk on and busted the herd out of bed at 12:30. The cows went down the hill and a bigger 6-point showed himself just behind some trees at 30 yards and continued down the hill bugling his head off trying to keep all his cows with him. After sitting down disappointed that we were "that" close again and had no shot, we heard a branch break below us and seen some movement, couple cow calls later he came into see if he could steal one of the bigger bulls cows and stepped out from behind a tree at 15 yards. I drilled him with a double lung shot and he pilled up 40 yards later. Can't thank Buglelk enough for being there to get the elk close!"

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