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"Big Bucks for Travis & Cory"
Photo provided by: Travis Elledge

Travis Elledge (top photo) and his cousin, Cory Elledge (lower photo) took a couple dandy bucks this year!

Travis writes, "We had been watching a few deer work their way off this monster ridge and had them patterned...finally. We setup about 60 yards from each other covering the area in case they came out, (Cory high and myself low) hoping they come out on top of one of us. Not too long after getting situated, here they came not at me but of course right on top of Cory. I could see it all going down waiting to hear the shot. Sure enough, deer went scattering and this nice 4x4 ran right towards me and fell over. Out of the tree-line came Cory with his bow in one arm and release in the other straight at the sky. This is Cory's 1st bow buck. 62 yards!

I had to go back to work the next day, but returned the following weekend. I spotted the deer in the flat making their way to this monster ridge. I made a great stalk, setup and had this slick 4x4 walk 5 yards from me! I made my shot at about 10 yards after he cleared the trees. The two bucks died about 20 yards from each other. The rest is history. “There is nothing like bow-hunting” I think I finally got Cory addicted!"

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