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"Whopper Bull for Taz"
Photo provided by: Taz Cullimore

Taz Cullimore, aka GFOUR here at, took an absolute whopper bull this year.

Taz writes, "I passed this bull up on the opener, for two reasons;
1. He was over 700 yard away on a heavily timbered sidehill and was afraid I wouldn't get another shot if I needed one.
2. I promised myself I wouldn't shoot the first bull I seen if it wasn't over 360" and he is under that mark, so I passed.
The weather was horrible for elk hunting...HOT and DRY, the bulls where pretty timbered up. So, after days of hiking and glassing and passing other bulls up I decided to go after this bull. I tried to get him out in the open and that just wasn't going to happen, so I decided to take the game to him. He was in a heavily timbered drainage with a bunch of cows and a few satelite bulls, but this bull had a unique sound to his bugle and after 8 days it is etched into my mind forever. It rained during the night finally, so the ground was damp and quiet. We listened to him until about 9:00am Sunday morning and then I made my move.
I moved very slowly down through the quakies and pines to about where I thought he was. Once inside his comfort zone, I blew the hyperlip 3 times and there he was. He let out a bugle less than 100 yards away. Then, up the ridge he came.
I waited for a clear shooting lane and when he got within 60 yards, I pulled the trigger. He hunch up, turned, took about 5 steps and was done! It was a great hunt. Thanks Dad for your help, couldn't have done it without you!"

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