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"207 Gross Wyoming Buck"
Photo provided by: Jason Reinhardt

Jason Reinhardt writes, "Pops" is a buck I have been hoping to catch up to since I saw him in the 2005 season. I had been hoping to catch up with him ever since, but he disappeared in 2006 and 2007. I was beginning to think he had fallen prey to a cougar, or got hit on the highway during the migration, but I managed to find him during the 2008 rifle season, larger than life. He had been wider back in 05, about 31 inches, but even though he had lost a couple of inches of width, he picked up the mass. Pops was nearly 10 years old (near as I could tell), weighing as much as a spike elk. It only took me a split second to figure out who he was when I saw him, and less time to decide to pull the trigger. One shot at 315 yards, and he was mine. Unbeleiveabally, on the 15th of September, he still had all his velvet. He has the most symmetrical rack on a deer that I have ever taken, a perfect 4x4 (with 4 inch eyeguards) with 17 inch g2's, 13 inch g3's, and over 40 inches of mass, scoring a whopping 207 gross. UNBELEIVEABLE!"

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