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"New Mexico Barbary Sheep for Abe"
Photo provided by: Abe Sandoval

Abe Sandoval writes, "I was able to harvest this fine New Mexico Barbary Sheep on the southeast corner of the state. My cousins, David Archibeque and Norbert Archibeque, accompanied me on my ONE day hunting trip. We spotted several rams that day, but was unable to close any ground on them. Finally, towards the end of the day, we spotted this ram about 450 yards away and the chase was on. We ran up and down the rocky hills to try and close the gap, every time we would reach the top of a hill, we would see the ram cresting the next one. Finally, we came to a point where all the hills met in a valley. The ram was nowhere in sight. We waited for an hour to see if maybe he would show, but no movement anywhere. We decided to start making the 4 to 5 mile hike back to the truck before we lost all our daylight. As we climbed up the hill, there was the ram looking down at us. My cousin Norbert spotted him first and pointed him out to us. My other cousin David placed his shooting sticks down and then I placed my crosshairs of my rifle on the ram and squezzed off a round. The ram dropped in his tracks. This is my first Barbary Sheep hunt, and if I am lucky, sure won't be the last."

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