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"Smokepole Hunting Fun in Utah"
Photo provided by: Rob Wilcox

Rob Wilcox writes, "It took me 10 years to draw out for the San Juan, Elk Ridge unit. When I finally did, I was excited. After 3 days of hard hunting with no luck, my wife and boy came out to hunt with me. I told my boy he was my guide and if he told me to shoot a deer, I would. We came across this dandy of a buck Friday morning. I told him it was pretty good. He said shoot it dad, shoot it. How could I resist my seven year old telling me to shoot. I shot, and a cloud of smoke filled the air. We saw the buck limping down the hill. I knew I hit it, but how good. It went out of sight and my boy said, "let's go get it!" I told him we needed to wait 20 minutes or so. We did, then started down the hill. I went over to where I thought I hit it, but we couldn't find anything. I was starting to get discouraged. My wife finally found some blood. It was a good blood trail. I let my boy track the buck. About 40 yard later, there it was. He was so excited. It's not the biggest deer on the mountain, but the grin on his face made it well worth it."

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