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"Fantastic Year in New Mexico for Travis"
Photo provided by: Travis Elledge

Travis Elledge writes, "It's that time of the year again!! To Everyone that sends their pictures in…. I love looking at em, Keep em coming……..

What a great year for the Matthews!!
Here are some pictures of my 09 September adventures.

Opening morning of my elk hunt was full of screaming…. My buddy, Cody (pictured right next to me in the crew photo), and I were walking down a ridge trying to decide which of 6 or 7 screaming bulls to go after. We made up our mind on this one and the battle was on! We snuck to the edge of this same ridge and located him across the canyon with about 10 cows. We set up in a little clearing and with a little luck on our side, here they all came and he was screaming the whole way. It's amazing what a bull sounds like screaming at you at 15 yards!! For those of you that have been there, you understand the feeling and maybe understand how bad I was shaking…I made the perfect shot at 15 yards downhill and he went about 40 yards and expired. Then, our canyon was filled with man screams and man hugs (I know ya’ll have been there too!). What a great time to have your buddies there with you. Brian next to Cody and Clay on the end, thank you for all your help. Memories that will never be forgotten! I’m glad you all were apart of a good time. I’m pumped for a Great 1st Archery Bull!!

I then found myself scrambling to get back to my deer tag which I had forgot about with the shenanigans of my bull. I took this great buck one week later at 20 yards! A big thanks to everyone that helped out and contributed to both of my successful hunts.

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