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"6x6 Muley Buck for Kelly"
Photo provided by: Kelly Bingham

Kelly Bingham, aka GoatT, writes, "After 2 hard days of hunting, spotting, glassing and many miles on the leather, I was able to connect on a beautiful 6x6 with matching 1-1/2 inch cheaters on either side and some great fronts and awesome mass. Saw this buck out feeding and after a long hour long stalk I shot this buck at 21 yards. He ran down the trail about 35 yards and I watched him stop and stagger like he had been hit by a heavyweight fighter. He took a couple steps to the right out of sight. I knew it wouldn't be long before he went down. After giving him a good half hour, I began a slow check for blood and to look for my arrow as it was a pass through. As I walked 20 yards passed the spot where I had shot him, I found him lying in some brush. What I didn't know was that I only had a 10-12 inch window through the pine right in front of me and my arrow had just barely clipped the tip of a branch which made the shot a little back. I had shot him through the liver. As I approached and saw him just lying there, he was still breathing, so I knocked another arrow to shoot so he would not suffer. As I took one more step he immediately jumped up and took one step and turned and looked at me at 7 yards broadside. The staredown began, I slowly pulled back the string and let another one fly right behind the shoulder. He ran about 40 yards and was down for the count."

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