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"An Awesome Ram for Kevin"
Photo provided by: Kevin Petersen

Kevin Petersen writes, "The planning for this hunt started about 3 years ago. I had just killed my Desert Sheep here in Utah, and I started thinking that my lifelong dream of obtaining the Gland Slam for Sheep was within reach...The only problem was, I still needed two more sheep to get there.... I had previously killed a Dall sheep in Alaska in 2005, and since I had maximum preference points for Sheep in Wyoming, I realized that my dream was becoming more, and more obtainable.....after doing alot of soul searching and after accessing my limited budget, I took a big breath, sucked it up, and figured "A guy only live's once....what the Hell!" so, I started looking for a Stone Sheep hunt....after alot of research, and several recommendations, I booked with Barry Tompkins of "High and Wild Safaris" in Northern BC in early 2007....It was a long 2 1/2 year wait, but that gave me enough time to save up for the remaining balance for the trip....

I decided to drive the 1760 miles to Fort Nelson BC, where I would catch a charted flight into Barry's Main Camp and Lodge. After arriving at the main lodge, we checked my rifle, had a quick lunch, and then Barry flew me into another camp where I met Jimmy Johnson, who would be my Guide for the next 15 days...We hit it off right away, mainly because we had very similar backgrounds and also shared many of the same interest's. We then loaded up on horses and rode another 2.5 hours into another established Spike camp..From there we would ride out each morning for a couple of hours, and then tie the horses up and start the 2 hour climb to the top of the ridge where we would begin glassing and looking for sheep. During the several days of glassing and hunting this area, we saw probably 60-70 Rams...however, only a couple of them were close to being legal....We believed that the larger Rams were holding in the timber and were only out feeding during the early morning, and late evening....So we decided to move our spike camp to a closer location of the "Sheep Mountain" to eliminate the long horse ride every morning...On the Seventh day of my hunt, we started our climb very early in the morning. When we reached the top and cautiously peered over the ridge, there, not 300 yards bedded on the other side of the ridge were 16 Rams.....This was at 9:30am when we saw the Rams...We evaluated each one of them and came to the conclusion that there were probably only 5 that were worth looking at closer...the majority of the Rams were all under 5 years old, but what a sight it was to see them all laying there, unaware of our presence. The five larger Rams took some time to age and evaluate...we eliminated each one of them, one by one, as a possible shooter, until we finally narrowed it down to two....after much discussion, we decided on which of the two Rams to take. We figured that he was the lead ram and that he was at least 8 years old....Like I said, we first saw the rams at 9:30am, and it was now 1:45pm....anticipation was really starting to build, and the only thing I could do was wait for the ram to give me a good, broadside shot.
When he finally stood up to change positions, I let him have it...The shot was just under 300 yards and I anchored him right where he was standing...It was finally over!!!.... we were both very emotional and overjoyed with the outcome and how everthing had came together on that particular day.....

I can't say enough about how Great the Outfitter and especially my Guide, Jimmy Johnson was....all I can say is "Outstanding" in all aspects of the experience and the hunt....I guess now, I'm 3/4 of the way to reaching a life long Dream....On a side note, I was able to take a nice Mountain Goat on day 10 of the hunt...but that's another story!

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