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"Idaho Muley Success for Chris"
Photo provided by: Chris Eaton

Chris Eaton writes, "After 16 days hunting out of September, I had taken a rest from elk hunting to chase muleys around in the Central Idaho mountains.
I was on my way out one morning after hunting hard and spotted a doe on the hillside 400 yards uphill. I began a stalk on her with the
hope of other deer being in the vicinity. During the stalk I stumbled upon a 1x2 bull elk raking a tree. He finally got tired of my presence and sauntered off along with 3 cows. This buck came out behind the bull while he was raking and was farther then I like to shoot (53 yards), after all this is bowhunting and getting CLOSE IS the idea. This buck spotted me while I made a creep on my hands and knees and, while he did not know what I was, decided he was better off putting distance between himself and me. I knew he was not very spooked, so I melted into a quakey patch and moved uphill over the ridge from where I assumed the buck was feeding up to his bedding area. I creeped to the ridge and spotted his rack feeding about 47 yards away. Still too far for me, I AM A BOWHUNTER! So, I crept below the ridgeline and moved uphill hoping to close the distance. When I finally took another peek, he was standing broadside at just under 40 yards. I came to draw, settled my 35 yard pin a tad high and released....Thump! The buck jumped and slowly ambled up the hill and over the ridge....30 antsy minutes later I found his trail, and eventually him, dead less than a 100 yards away! Awesome!

Although many massive animals are displayed on this site every season, I am a true believer that any animal with a bow is a Trophy! And this is definately a trophy to me! EnjoY!"

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