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"Jason's Big, Velvet Covered Buck"
Photo provided by: Jason Rindlesbach

Jason Rindlesbach, aka BIGOLMULEY here at, writes, "Well it finally happened. I killed my first B&C buck. I guide on a CWMU in central Utah and I was fortunate enough to get a tag to hunt there this fall. I had two weeks to archery hunt before we had clients come in to hunt on the 1st of Sept.
Here are some pics (lower 3 photos) of this buck through my spotter at about 450 yards. (not the best at taking pics through it)

I was unable to kill this buck during the archery season. He was very elusive and lived on a cliff face.

He was spotted again opening evening by another guide and his hunter and they hunted him the rest of the week, but were unable to find him.
The outfitter allowed me 2 more days to hunt before I had to head to Montana on some elk hunts (In the morning).

I found him in the same spot the other guide had seen him on the first night. Had him at 586 and snuck down the hill to a flat that gave me a 402 yards shot. (shooting a custom Christensen Arms .300RUM with a Huskama scope) Just as I am about to shoot he walks behind a tree and beds. I set up my scope so I could see him well when I had to shoot, since I did not have a spotter. It is like 7:20 and getting dark fast. So, I threw a couple rocks to get him up. A doe and another buck were near by him feeding and they would just look my way and back to feeding they would go.
So I rolled a basketball sized rock and again a look, but nothing. So I started whistling and yelling loud. That did it. The doe started up the hill along with the smaller buck and out he came. He stopped quartering to me a bit about 50 yards up the hill and I shot hitting him 4" behind the shoulder. (Learned later I hit only one lung with that first shot) He went about 20 yards and bedded, so I put another one in him just in case. He ran some more and bedded again and he looked really sick. But, just to make sure. I put one more in him at 486 right on his shoulder and that was it.

I was pumped!! It took me 30 min. to get to him and by then it was dark. I had to clean him by cell phone light cuz my head lamp somehow got knocked on inside my pack. He was way down in a hole, so I took a picture or two and hoped the bear I saw in the canyon a few days earlier would leave him alone.

It took me quite a while to hike out of there with only a cell light, but I made it.

In the morning I hiked back down in and nothing had gotten to him. I took a bunch of pics, boned him out and humped meat, cape and head back out.

His velvet was in pretty good shape. Getting dry near the bases, and a little came off when he went down, but not bad.

He taped out at 196-4/8. I figure if I were to strip the velvet and the deduct for his cheater and difference he would net around 191. I will not be taking the velvet off.

We had named him shorty cuz' of them short G2's.
Grateful I was able to get the tag, and to the outfitter for letting me hunt so long."

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