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"Wyoming Buck for Jeff"
Photo provided by: Jeff Berger

Jeff Berger, aka jabber in the forums, hit the hills of Wyoming this year and took a fine trophy buck.

Jeff writes, "Here is a couple of pics of a buck I took on Oct. 01, 2009 in Wyoming. We had spotted a really wide buck with white antlers with some elk down a draw. When we tried to stalk them in the approximately 40 MPH winds, the elk blew out and we could not locate the deer. After glassing at the end of the ridge for about 30 minutes with no luck, we decided to head out. Before we were completely gone I decided to top the ridge one more time for a look and spotted 4 smaller bucks, but not the wide one.

I watched them for about 5 minutes at about 140 yards before they got concerned and eased over the draw out of sight. That is when I noticed this buck off to the left at about 200 yards. One look at him and I got excited. Thinking he was the big buck, the guy with me couldn't see him. I took the shot and down he went out of sight. We then saw three other bucks run off, and I started to get concerned that I misjudged him and actually took one of the smaller bucks.

After a few minutes, we noticed the fourth buck standing on a small ridge looking down at my buck. That brought a sense of relief to me that there had actually been 5 bucks. We worked our way down to him and I was very excited and elated with this deer. No ground shrinkage whatsoever from what I had seen. After my buddy got down and looked at him, he said that wasn't the big buck and reminded me that he had had white horns and was much wider. We still don't know what happened to him, he must of left with the elk. Even though it wasn't the big one, I am not disappointed one bit in my first mule deer."

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