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"Longhorned Speedgoat for Tony"
Photo provided by: Mark Zacher

Mark Zacher writes, "My son, Tony, took this 16" antelope opening morning in South Dakota, Custer County. He had been scouting and doing some bow hunting and had been watching this buck as well as some others. A few weeks prior to rifle season this guy seemed to have vanished, but he had a feeling what area he might have slipped into. He decided to leave this area alone till opening morning. Opening morning was just awesome, we had walked in about 3 miles and seeing several nice bucks in the 14-15 inch range, but decided to pass on these, the day was still early. We came across this spot that Tony had checked out before, it had a deep draw in it, and sure as heck there this guy was laying all by himself. Tony moved in to where he was 315 yards away and waited for him to stand up, and when he did he let him have it. He is 16" tall and scored 80. He shot him with a Thompson Encore 7mm Rem Mag with 154 grain SST Hornady hand loads. Tony puts a lot of time and hard work into his hunts and this one paid off well. A true trophy and I'm glad I was there to share it with him."

Thanks for having a great web site, we sure enjoy it
Mark Zacher (Dad)

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