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"Good Luck Shines on Ryan"
Photo provided by: Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham, aka bingo, writes, "On Saturday, (day 4 of my hunt) after the morning hunt, I slipped into my favorite area I like to hunt elk around noon to set a trail cam for the upcoming general elk hunt that starts this coming Saturday. I went to one spot, decided to go back up the hill a couple hundred yards, couldn't find a good spot to place the trail cam there, so returned to the tree I had been at 10 minutes earlier. While I was strapping the trail cam to the tree I heard something behind me. I turned around and saw this buck with his head down sneaking around a stand of pines. I hurried and grabbed my muzzleloader that was leaning against a quakie a few feet away, and shot this buck broadside on the move at about 30 yards. I believe he was bedded in that small pine stand the whole time and he waited for me to leave the area to make his escape. Unfortunately for him, he didn't expect me to come back.
A great lesson for me, I think I am going to be doing more backtracking from now on while still hunting. It was an amazing experience to say the least.
This buck goes 26 wide and 24-1/2 tall."

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