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"Auston's South Dakota Archery Muley"
Photo provided by: Auston Butt

Auston Butt writes, "I shot this nice buck 3 weeks into the South Dakota archery deer season. I had seen this buck during the summer in velvet and kept an eye on him until hunting season came. When the archery season opened up, he was nowhere to be found. Two weeks later I returned to the same area and searched hard all morning long. Around 11:00 I found him bedded down in a small draw all alone.

I was able to come up over the top through the tall grass to get within 30 yards of this buck. I let my Easton arrow topped with a G5 Montec go from my Mathews Legacy and hit the buck good. On the recovery, I ran into a huge den of rattlesnakes. There were probably 20-30 rattlers of all different sizes. I was busy pointing out some big ones to my grandfather and looked down to see a small one squirming under my boot! Just a little more added excitement to the overall hunt.

The deer ended up netting 160 4/8. He only had 2 inches of deductions which is unbelievable. I had determined that this was my #1 prospect for the season and gained a lot of history with this buck. It was the perfect end to the perfect 5x5. I couldn't have done it without the help and hard work of my grandfather, Jim. He was out there scouting every week and doing the grunt work."

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