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"Great Family Tradition Muley Hunt"
Photo provided by: Keith Lantta

Keith Lantta writes, "I harvested this buck while hunting with my parents. Mother is 67 and Dad is 72. This was most likely their last trip hunting in Wyoming. We have been doing this hunt for the past 30 years when we are lucky enough to draw tags. I was walking my mother to a fenceline where my father was watching for deer to come up from the river bottom to feed. I peaked out from a row of corn and glassed 6 bucks bedded out in a grain field 500 yards away. Mother held her position for an hour as I crawled to within 300 yards and waited for the bucks to get up to feed. After an hour they began to rise up and feed and I got ready for the shot. I left my rangefinder in the truck and my bi-pod would not get high enough for the shot. So, I guessed the distance and used some corn stalks to rest my rifle for the shot. The buck folded and as I approached him there was no ground shrinkage. All the mass measurements are over 5 inches and the rack is very even with great G1's. Green score is just over 170 inches. We are very thankful to end this great family tradition for over 30 years by harvesting the largest buck ever taken by one of us in Wyoming."

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