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"Big Bucks for Canyon & Dave"
Photo provided by: Canyon Owens

Canyon Owens writes, "Well, I finally got my first buck (top photo). We watched a few nice bucks this morning and watched them all bed down in the same group of trees. My two cousins went and made a push right through them to push them towards me, my dad, my cousin, Dave, and my dads uncle Ray. About 10 minutes into the drive, all the deer came running out. The biggest one was a 193-inch typical. My dad and Dave were the first ones set up on the big one and Dave shot and my dad shot about a half second later. They both hit him, but Dave tagged him (lower photo). I literally ran over there and there were about 3 bucks on the hillside and I was looking at them and none of them were 4 points. Then I ran back to where I was sitting before. And there was a little spike. So, I again ran back to where they were with the big buck when my cousins hollered and said there were a bunch of bucks on the other side of a hill that was about 100 yards. My dad and I ran up that hill and were looking when my dad spotted a doe and a nice 4 point next to it. I dropped down in the prone position and my dad says, "238". So, I put my 200 yard circle on his shoulder and sqooze it off. I heard the clear thump and my dad says to hit him again. I take another shot and drilled him."

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