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"Steve's Stick-n-String Buck"
Photo provided by: Steve Schulz

Steve Schulz writes, "The last day of the '09 archery season, I ventured into an area I'd not hunted for two years. With a storm front coming in and very high winds, I didn't expect to find much, but did anticipate that the deer would be in the bottom of the deep draws out of the wind. Shortly after bailing off into a very deep draw, I spotted a buck in the bottom feeding, with the wind blowing hard from my left into the draw, I knew it wasn't going to be long until he picked up my scent. As closed the distance he moved to the right up on the sidehill. As he did, I could see another set of antlers. There was another set much larger moving down into the draw. After moving slowly towards the bucks, the bigger one was now in the bottom facing away feeding with the two smaller bucks on the sidehill. After ranging him at 46 yards, I centered my pins and let her fly, hitting him quartering away. Great last day buck to end the archery season with."

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