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"Whopper Bull Moose for Keysi"
Photo provided by: Harold Rose

Keysi Rose had the hunt of a lifetime this year! What a neat trophy for a young gal.

Keysi's dad, Harold, writes, "Here is the picture of my 13 year old daughter's moose. She got it on Saturday, October 31st. It was the second largest we have seen and the 63rd bull we have looked at in 21 days of hunting and scouting. She has put in a lot of work to do this once in a lifetime hunt. She was awesome and has worked very hard and been very patient and persistent in getting the "one" she wanted. We had seen a much larger bull that morning at about 700 yards, but after trailing him for 6 hours and over two very tall mountains he ended up in another unit and we couldn't ever get closer than 500 yards. We decided to go do some spotting from the river and spotted this bull feeding in an aspen patch across a canyon and with one look through the spotting scope, she was ready to go check him out. We were within 30 yards when we finally found him, but he spooked and ran to 120 yards when he stopped broad side to us and she had a real good look at him. When she decided that he was the one, she lowered the cross hairs of her .243 on his neck and the rest is history. He dropped in his tracks!!! It took me all night (literally) to get it butchered, skinned, bagged, and packed out. I was hurting this morning, but I slept really well last night. He has a 41 inch spread and is a beautiful trophy.

Once in a lifetime, 13 years old girl, .243 win, one shot kill, 41 inches....PRICELESS!!"

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