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"Fine 4-Point for Brian"
Photo provided by: Brian Heaton

Brian Heaton, aka broadfork here at writes, "I hunted hard every morning, hiking up and down the hills. On Thursday morning, I was too wiped out to get up, so I spent the day with my family, and decided I would hike up in the afternoon. I got to hiking around 4:30 and was about where I wanted to be by 6:00. I looked in the basin for bucks, but there where none to be had.
Even though I was beat, I knew I needed to man up and hike into the next basin. About an hour later I was about to crest the next ridge, when I saw 3 bucks coming out in the basin in front of me. Two forkys, and my four point. I sat still and watched as a coyote came out and started to mess with the bucks. They stood their ground, and it occured to me that they were distracted, so I slipped off my pack and started to stalk.

I slowly made my way crab crawling to them. Always keeping one in sight. I was able to get within my effective range, and set my pin. As I went to set up, the four point saw me, but couldn't figure me out. I think the face paint really works. He put his head back down and I went to draw. He looked up again, but it was too late. I leveled the bubble and the arrow was on it's way. The deer dropped, and I thought I might have spinned him. I got so excited I ran down to see, and ended up running right past him. I searched for about a half hour, and started to panic. I called my wife and she calmed me down. I started to walk back up the hill, and there he was stone dead. I hit him right in the lungs perfectly, but I guess since the hill was so steep he just lost his footing and dropped. I have bowhunted now for 6 years, and finally got it done on a good muley buck.
My only regret is not getting better field photos."

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