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"Doug's Colorado Ruttin' Buck"
Photo provided by: Doug Morland

Doug Morland writes, "Last weekend I had a close encounter with a buck. He was within my effective bow range (40 yards), but at a very severely quartering angle. Also, there were some limbs I would have to shoot through in order to hit him in the vitals, so I passed on the shot. He ran across the road (property I donít have permission to hunt). I had gone back to my truck and noticed him in the field across the road as I drove by, so I got out my video camera. After he spooked to the other side of the road, big buck #1 found another big buck over there. They squared off, but big buck #1 backed down and avoided a confrontation. After that encounter, I moved my blind to a better location and was determined to sit in it all day (everyday) this weekend if necessary. Just knowing those two bruisers were in the area motivated me significantly. Turns out I only had to sit there until 10:30 on Saturday before he worked his way down the ditch with some does. He gave me a 20 yard broadside shot and only traveled about 30 yards before piling up."
Below is the video from last weekend:

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