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"Two Awesome Bucks on Opening Morning"
Photo provided by: Auston Butt

Auston Butt writes, "We had no idea this deer existed until the day before rifle season opened. Grandpa (Jim) spotted him in the morning and made sure we got permission on the 160 acres he was hanging around....all the land around the 160 acres was unhuntable. So come opening morning we're at the spot grandpa last saw him. There are probably around 50 deer in this small milo field and we glass the horizon....there he is, without a doubt. He starts working his way down to the other deer and it's hard to tell which buck is which because there are 3 huge deer in the field and it is still fairly dark out.

We finally were able to locate the big guy among all the deer and I ran down a grassy draw to try to get into position for a shot. However, pheasants starting getting up from the draw everywhere, which alerted all the doe that something was up and the doe starting moving towards another property. I finally got within range of my buck and put my sticks up. He was trotting away over 200 yards as I fired a shot. I could hear the "WACK" from the bullet hitting him, but he didn't go down....kept walking towards the other property, so I shot again. This time he went down right on the edge of the field.

I was amazed when I got up to the deer. He has 19 scorable points. He has a 4 inch drop tine and 2 kickers that jet out, then up, coming off both main beams. We scored him at 205 gross nontypical and 195 net nontypical....the buck of a lifetime, but the story doesn't end there......

After I shot my buck, grandpa and I went to some other land to see if there were any good whitetail around. After not seeing a shooter, we decided to return to the milo field where I had shot my deer that morning. Amazingly, all the deer were back and the two other huge deer were with them. Grandpa got up on the bigger of the two and dropped him with a perfect heart shot.

His deer ended up scoring 170 net typical. His deer was the biggest typical deer we've ever got and mine was the biggest nontypical we've got...our two best bucks ever....on the same 160 acres before noon of opening morning. It was the most amazing morning of hunting I've ever experienced."

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