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"Western Wyoming Buck for Brad"
Photo provided by: Brad Lewis

Brad Lewis writes, "Well, for my first muley ever and second deer ever I was very lucky. I was hunting the last day of the season in the area we were hunting which is about 2 hours or so west of Jackson Hole. I had many opportunities for does and getting meat is definitely the most important thing to me, and as daylight faded I had a bit of guilt and a lump in my throat cursing myself for not filling the freezer. We were hidden in a small ditch and that's when I looked up and saw this monster sauntering directly at me. I quickly said to my father sitting next to me, "Monster buck coming right at me!", and before he could turn around I had shot and downed this monarch with a 170 grain bullet from my .300 Win. Mag. at only about 40 yards or so.

This muley doesn't have the widest spread or the most tines, but for what he lacks in those categories he makes up for in one of the most massive bodies and a massively thick rack. My father and our friend who outfits for a living in Cora, WY. were absolutely astounded by the massive size of him. Just to give you a size comparison, I'm 6' 5" and 290 lbs. and this big boy dwarfs me."

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