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"Wyoming Muley for Rick"
Photo provided by: Rick Gravance

Rick Gravance writes, "After a succesful hunt in Wyoming for whitetail in 2007, I decided to go back in October 2009. My guide, Clint, and I hunted hard for three days and passed on some good bucks. But, on the fourth day of a five day hunt, this big boy showed his antlers. Literally, that's all we could see! The buck was laying down 125 yards away in this small draw. I got set up, took a couple of deep breaths, my guide ask me if I was ready, he whistled three times, but the buck just laid there. At that point, Clint took one step toward the buck, he stood up and I pulled the trigger. The buck is a 5x5 with two cheaters on both G3s. My best buck to date!"

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